Hebrew Words

The Hebrew language is very unique in many ways. Each letter for example also means a number.

Names always carry a meaning.

One difficulty of rendering names into the English language is, that first the Hebrew letters and the sound they reflect have to be converted into Latin letters which are used for all western languages. Unfortunately these Latin letters are pronounced differently in the various languages. Most difficult are French and English.
Just look at the word “Arkansas”. Depending on which area in the U.S. this word is pronounced one might find three different ways of pronouncing the letter “a” in this one word.

Yehovah – is the name of our God, which has been silent for the last 2000 years. Please watch Identity Crisis by Jim Staley on this one.
Nehemia Gordon wrote a great book on the silenced name of our God called  Shattering the conspiracy of silence.
annointed  –  literally means to be “smeared” on with oil, which in the Hebrew thinking means to be consecrated or set aside for God to be used by God.
HaMashiach  –  is translated as “the annointed”, another word for Mashiach is Messiah. The equivalent Greek word would be “Christ”.
Torah  –  means “instruction” or “teaching”,  the common translation for Torah found in the bible is “law”, which does poorly reflect its full meaning
Yeshua  –  or Yashua or Yehoshua mostly means salvation or Yehovah saves. Transliterated into Greek it comes to be  Iesous, from which we eventually get the name Jesus in English
What we read as Joshua in the Old Testament and as Jesus in the New Testament is the exact same Hebrew name.