Hebrew Matthew

Much points to the fact that the gospel of Mattityahu (Matthew) was originally written in Hebrew.

Nehemia Gordon writes about this subject in his book “The Hebrew Yeshua versus the Greek Jesus”. You can watch his teaching on youtube.


nother one of Nehemia’s great books is “Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence”. In this book Nehemia explains how the name of our God has been edited out of the bible long ago and how he rediscovered it. Nehemia even shows, that YHVH foretold, that HIS name would be forgotten in the Scriptures.

The authors of “Lost in Translation” report, that even more books of the “New Testament” were originally written in Hebrew.

I personally believe, that the whole “New Testament” was originally written in Hebrew. Once all those manuscripts are discovered, we will understand Yeshua’s teachings even better.

Why do we need to understand Hebrew ?

Let me try to answer this questions with a joke as an example:

What does the football team say, when they walk into a bank?
“Can we have our quarter back”.
Most Americans get this joke. But try telling it to a foreigner maybe from South America, Europe or Asia. He will have no clue what this is all about.
In the same way us reading the bible without any knowledge of the Hebrew culture or language will miss a lot if not most of what YHVH is intending to tell us.

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