Salvation is a term used rather loosely in modern day Christianity. It appears about 45 times in the NT and 78 times in the OT. I am not going to explain the word here, because anyone can find the verses on a computer and look what the context says there.

I do want to point out that the name Jesus is derived from the Hebrew word Yeshua by way of the Septuagint translation. Literally translated Yeshua means “salvation” or Yehovah saves.
To get a better picture just insert Jesus anytime you read the word “salvation” in the Old Testament.


Unfortunately there are a number of misconceptions about salvation in this world, which are not biblical. I will make an effort to point out some of those. But as always: Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Just be careful so you are not deadly disappointed on the great Day of Yehovah (day of judgement).

once saved always saved

In Mt10, Mt 24 and Mk 13 Yeshua says that the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

We see two conditions here. First of all we have to persevere in following Yeshua until the end of life and then we will be saved. It is clear that salvation is not instant and a matter of a short prayer but requires perseverance and is an event still in the future of our lives.
We also have the ability to walk away from Yehovah as Paul explains in Hebrews 6.

reason for salvation

One might quickly answer that the reason for salvation is to have our sins forgiven. Forgiveness is not the reason but the road to salvation. Going to heaven is not the reason either as the bible never says anywhere that we are GOING to heaven after we die. Being with Yeshua does not mean to be in heaven. We will be with Yeshua when He comes back to earth and reigns from His thrown of David for a thousand years and on.

The reason for salvation is that we would be able to fulfill the Torah just like Yeshua demonstrated to us in His first coming. This was Yehovah’s plan from the beginning and HE explained that through His prophets.
Once we have reached this stage Yehovah will entrust us to rule over nations with Yeshua.

keeping the Torah

In Jeremiah 31 it is written that Yehovah will make a new covenant. Many stop reading here and therefore miss the reason for the new covenant. It is written that Yehovah is going to write HIS Torah on our hearts and minds. Why?
Remember Yeshua saying that he will place His trusted followers to rule over nations? If we are going to rule over nations as we see fit, we will have the same mess as we have now in the world. No – Yehovah is going to have it done His way and will only place human rulers over the nations who will be one with Him in mind, spirit and heart and carry out his judgments down to the proverbial T. He wants true sons, which are in unison with their Father. Therefore the rebellion in us needs to be removed and replaced by His Spirit so we will think and act like our Father Yehovah does. To get there Yehovah will remove our stony, rebellious heart and replace it with a warm, loving, sensual, feeling, considerate heart of flesh able to carry out His judgments as described in Ezekiel 11 and 36.
That’s why the father of the prodigal son was so happy, when his son returned to him with the desire to be his servant and carry out his will without hesitation or reservation.


With out heart changed, our sins forgiven, the strength of HIS Spirit inside of us and the love for Yehovah filling us walking out the Torah is no longer a burden and a dread, but becomes a delight and a joy. As a good son loves to obey his loving father so will we enjoy keeping Yehovah’s commandments.
The bible also speaks of a marriage relationship between us and Yehovah. Marriage is defined in a covenant, which we broke. When one spouse (Yeshua) dies, the marriage covenant ends. Since Yeshua rose again the covenant was renewed as well and we again have a chance to keep it. The loving spouse desires to do only things, which please the other spouse. In the same way loving Yehovah is expressed in keeping His commandments, because it pleases HIM.


Once we have learned to walk in the Torah with HIS Spirit inside of us and have become one with HIM just like a married man and woman become one and can finish each others sentence, we are fit to rule over nations. Yehovah will not tolerate the slightest deviation from HIS will in this position.
We have ample of poor rulers today. Once Yeshua rules from the thrown of David there will be no more of rulers ruling after their own heart.

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