the remnant

I was led to search for the word “remnant” in the Scriptures.
Reading the found verses, I came to the conclusion that YeHoVaH works for Himself a remnant to keep His promises. His remnant is of Israel – not the “church”.
The verses also show, that only those who are part of the remnant in the end will be saved.
Many (may I say “all”) are called, but few are chosen or do choose. Only those who answer the call of YeHoVaH and follow HIM can be chosen by HIM. Everyone else is not available for YeHoVaH to be chosen. This includes that we keep HIS appointments (HIS Feasts) to make ourselves available to be chosen.

The beautiful thing is:
Once we have chosen to become and be part of the remnant, YeHoVaH sees us through all trials all the way to the end. HE empowers us and upholds us and fights for us and takes care of all of our enemies. As long as we follow HIM and stay on the NARROW path, HE plows the path for us.

grieved to be surrounded by people in bondage

The Spirit was upon me last night and brought up the following Scriptures in sequence as I was very grieved about being surrounded by so many people in bondage.

Ps 32:1  A Davidic instruction. How blessed is the on whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.
Ps 43:1  You be my judge, God, and plead my case against an unholy nation; rescue me from the deceitful and unjust man.
Jer 43:1  When Jeremiah had finished telling all the people all the words that YeHoVaH their God had sent him to tell them – that is, all these words –
Isa 53:1  Who has believed our message, and to whom has the arm of YeHoVaH been revealed?

The amount of people living in bondage is overwhelming. There is little difference between those attending church services on a regular basis and the “unchurched”. Frequently I encounter pastors in bondage just like the parishioners. It is so sad to see. But say they are okay – just like the church of Laodicea.  They have no desire to change.
It grieves me tremendously.

September 25

Since I have internet right now, I will write.

The night of September 25th turned into a special night of prayer for us. It was the night right after Yom Kippur (according to the moon sighting – not the rabbinical dating), the commanded day of fasting. Here are the Scriptures in the sequence Holy Spirit gave them to us:

Ps 84:7  They go from strength to strength being seen in Zion before God.
Ps 92:3  on the ten strings, and on the harp; on the lyre with sounding music.
Ps 54:4  Behold, God is my helper. The Lord is with those who uphold my soul.
Isa 54:4  Do not fear, for you shall not be shamed, nor shall you be abashed, for you shall not be wounded. For you shall forget the shame of your youth, and you shall not remember the reproach of your widowhood any more.
Deu 9:28  lest the land from which You brought us say, Because YeHoVaH was not able to bring them into the land which He promised them; and, because He hated them, He has brought them out to kill them in the wilderness.
Isa 59:1 Behold, the hand of YeHoVaH is not shortened for saving, nor is His ear heavy from hearing.
Zeph 3:9  For then I will give a pure language to the peoples, to call all of them by the name of YeHoVaH, to serve Him with one shoulder.

These Scriptures make a story line, which is very personal to us. The last verse seems to point to the restoring of the Hebrew language among God’s people.
Please let us know how these Scriptures speak to you.

two percent

I recently finished a book written by James Goll. At the end of the book he recites a testimony of the late prophet Bob Jones. In 1975 Bob Jones died and went to heaven. As he stood in line clothed in a white robe, Bob saw another row with many more people clothed in the things they had worshiped on earth like money, drugs, sex, etc. That row disappeared into a dark place never to return. 98% of the people were in the row going into eternal darkness. Only 2% of the people were in the line to meet the Lord. Bob Jones returned to life on earth to testify for a few more decades.

A couple of years ago I read a little book named “Placebo” written by Howard Pitman. He died in 1979 in a hospital and got to stand before God before being revived on earth. Among the many things Howard saw was a line of people in white heading to meet the Lord. He was then explained by Holy Spirit that out of 2000 people only 50 are being saved while the other 1950 are going to hell.

It is remarkable that there back in the seventies two people are being shown the same small number of people actually getting saved. This lines up with a number of words Yeshua spoke, while walking the earth. “Narrow is the way to eternal life and few will find it ….”

Return to Torah prophesied

We were reading Deuteronomy chapter 30 last night. By the time we got to verse 8, I concluded that Moshe in fact prophesied the return to Torah in the latter days.
And here we are in the latter days, after the diaspora, the Jews have been returning for over 100 years now. Israel became a nation 67 years ago and for at least 20 years now disciples of Yeshua all over the world have been returning to the Torah and the Hebrew roots of our faith.

Secrets of YeHoVaH revealed by doing Torah?

Reading tonight we came across an unusual translation of Dt 30:29. My translation, which is called “Cepher”, reads as follows:

Now the secrets of YeHoVaH Elohiym and the revealing to us and our sons forever is by observance of all the words of this Torah.

All other translations render this verse in a different manner with a different meaning. Therefore I went to the Blue Letter Bible to see the 10 Hebrew words of this verse, which translate as follows:

1) to hide, conceal
2) YeHoVaH
3) Elohiym
3) uncover
5) son
6) as far as, up to
7) for ever
8) to do
9) word

Now we were trying to make sense of the verse by just looking at those 10 words. From the whole chapter 30 we gathered that the Israelites didn’t really do the covenant at Mount Sinai. They didn’t like hearing the voice of YeHoVaH, probably because they didn’t want to let go of Egypt and surrender wholeheartedly. So here in verse 30 Moshe is pleading with the next generation of Israelites to enter into the covenant of YeHoVaH completely. We can see that after they didn’t want to hear YeHoVaH at Sinai anymore, God concealed himself. We also know that YeHoVaH is revealed by His son Yeshua and it all has to do with the word of the Torah and is forever. YeHoVaH is eternal and so is Yeshua and so is the Torah. Doing the word of the Torah is what matters – forever.


I got up in the night to worship. HE was drawing me and I responded in praise, not bursting, but slowly, in the same manner as HE awoke me, slowly and gentle drawing me to HIMSELF. It was a very muggy night. When I looked out of the window, I could not see any stars and I thought that it must be all cloudy. So I said in my mind “I can’t see any stars”. “Look again” HE nudged me and as I looked again and moved closer to the window to look more straight up, I saw one bright star. Then I moved over into the slide out of the camper and opened the sliding window. I accidentally slid open the screen too. Noticing the opening I stuck my head outside and looked up. Suddenly I saw numerous stars. Then I went back to bed. The clock on the microwave was displaying 4:45. As I was laying in bed HE continued speaking to me. The book was held out in front of me, laying flat on its side. The book which we call the Bible. Then YEHOVAH explained to me. “Whenever you choose which word you will apply or practice you are placing yourself above the book” and I saw a hand motioning above the book as displaying a person who has usurped authority above God. “I am the WORD. i am indivisible, I am eternal, I am one”. As HE was laying down these heavy statements in front of me, I suddenly became aware of HIS HOLINESS. Motioning the hand under the book then displayed the full submission under HIM and HIS WORD. Picking and choosing what to accept (taking to heart) and what to disregard from HIS WORD (the Bible) is idolatry, so HE explained to me. As I was embracing the revelation and joy, tears of reference were running down my cheeks. I so much love and cherish these hours of close fellowship, when my FATHER reveals HIS HEART to me. Then I realized how much people complain about the weather and that this complaining is no different from the murmuring of the Israelites wandering in the desert. All this time I kept seeing ‘The Book’ held out in front of me. His Holy Word, indivisible, eternal. It was like HIM saying “this is ME” (the book) “Will you accept ME – undivided just as it is?” I could feel the great love and desire to draw me in and to make me ONE with HIM. I welcomed the invitation and went. As always – I repeated and contemplated over the experiences and more revelation came along in this. It is like ocean waves on the beach. While the water on the sand is running back into the sea the next wave is rolling over the returning water, continuing a cycle and trying to reach up a little higher on the beach. Pictures and thoughts are still coming to my mind as I am writing this here. Again I was thinking about the weather and how people always tend to complain about the weather. I thought how HE is the thunder and the lightning. Rain is a gift from HIM. Hail is in HIS storehouse for punishment. Job describes much of this for us. As my thought went back to HIS WORD and how it is indivisible and needs to be accepted wholly and complete, I was wondering about these chapters with all the names and why are they in the bible and what are those supposed to tell us. HE answered “They are written down, because I have chosen to honor them in this way”.

YHVH does not always tell me literally in English words. Often HE gives me impressions, pictures and feelings, which I am trying to put in words in order to communicate the message to others.

As I was relating this experience to Starla she added “If we place ourselves above THE BOOK HE cannot stoop down to us, because we are unwittingly trying to be above”. YEHOVAH desires to lift us up. Therefore we have to place and submit ourselves under HIM in all things.


A couple of weeks ago during prayer Holy Spirit took me to Isaiah 58:12. I took from it that the true remnant will in the future have the honor to rebuild the ancient paths and foundations. How beautiful.

judgement is coming

On Tuesday the Spirit lead me to Amos 6:7. The verse basically says: “The party is over, judgement is coming.” YeHoVaH has been speaking to me about the coming judgement with its causes and the errors of the “church” for over 5 years now. So this wasn’t really new to me. But it was a fresh reminder as HE hasn’t said it to me for a while. I didn’t think toO much of it until the Supreme Court announced its decision Friday. I very much expected this outcome – no surprise here.

Then on Friday night the Spirit took me to Ps 65:8. I am still wondering what all Holy Spirit is wanting to convey there in the current situation. Some things are for sure: YeHoVaH speaks through the things HE creates. Some look and understand but many don’t understand or even take notice.

Last night I was listening to Nehemia Gordon as he was reciting from 1 Samuel 12:14. I have understood for some time that the character and deeds of our government leaders are only a reflection of the spiritual condition of the constituency of a nation. I was glad to see this confirmed in Scripture.

The saddest thing for me to see however, is the reaction of many so called “Christians”. Why are these people so upset over the Friday decision? Divorce has been rampant in the church just like outside the church and has been condone by the vast majority of “church” leaders and marriage has been desecrated by these actions for decades now. The Torah (poorly translated “law”) has been declared abolished in most “churches” and by most pastors. So why are these people so surprised and upset over the Friday announcement?? Many just pick and choose which commandments they want to obey and which not.
In Yeshua’s days there were a number of people doing the same things – pick and choose what commandments they wanted to obey and which they didn’t want to obey. Yeshua called these folks “HYPOCRITES”.

The quarrel of MY covenant

While reading Leviticus 26 today this phrase in verse 25 jumped of the page for me: “the quarrel of MY covenant”. The only other translation using the word “quarrel” is the KJV.

I find this translation so interesting, because there is indeed a great quarrel over YeHoVaH’s covenant. Many believers claim that there are two covenants. An old one made at mount Sinai and a new one made through Jesus.

Most believers fail to understand that the “new” covenant was revealed already during the first temple period. Nowhere in the Tanakh is it prophesied that the conditions of this “new” covenant would be any different than those of the previous one. Only the way it would be executed would be different. By writing it on men’s heart, YeHoVaH would help us to better keep it. The problem is not the covenant, the problem is the people not keeping it.

The notion that there is an old covenant done away with is rather absurd, because a covenant does not end until one of the participating parties dies. (Yes Yeshua died but then HE rose again) Last time I looked mankind was still around and I am sure YeHoVaH is, too. Or when was the last time you saw a rainbow and experienced summer and winter, sowing and harvesting??

Just as the new moon is not a brand new moon but the same moon on a new cycle, so did YeHoVaH’s covenant enter a new cycle when Yeshua died on the cross. The everlasting covenant (mentioned at least 14 times in the Tanakh) does not change or it would not be everlasting.

Yeshua and YeHoVaH are one and therefore have the same set of rules.

YeHoVaH said HIS commandments are eternal and HE means it.

It is also vital to note that the prime example for a human being living under grace is David and he did that hundreds of years before Yeshua ever revealed Himself. How did David do it? He had the Torah on his heart (PS 40:8), just as Jeremiah prophesied a few hundred years later.

So stop quarreling and get with the program – YeHoVaH’s program !!!