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In 2006 I learned from personal experience about the spiritual roots of diseases. Applying the learned, God healed me from over 25 years of back pain.

Eventually and gradually I started learning about health benefits of food, beginning with Jordan Rubin’s book “The Makers Diet”. We applied the 40 day diet and cleansing in January 2012 and I was amazed how good I felt and even my eyesight improved.

Nutrients and health

Slowly I learned about certain nutritional value of different plants and fruits and how this value has dramatically decreased during the past 100 years.

From different sources one tenor was clear:

God created our body to heal itself if we give it the necessary materials to do so.

I also realized how far away we have gone from God’s original diet on what to eat. For example he says in Ge 1:29 to eat all green herbs and seed bearing fruits. Many fruits today have been engineered not to even have seed. But we are now finding out about the health benefits of those seeds for nourishing and detoxing our bodies.
I personally consider a fruit engineered without seeds accursed, because YeHoVaH said “Be fruitful and multiply”, which is not possible without seed.

I am coming across and increasing number of scientist and medical doctors who promote point out the disaster of the standard American diet and how cancer can be cured by switching the patients diet to the kind of food, which our creator intended for us to eat. Unfortunately this healthy food is hard to come by.



When I began planting my first fruit trees, I resolved that I would never spray any insecticides on these trees, rather they had to make it without or die. I also worked on improving nutrients to the trees. I was still spraying Roundup and 2-4-D herbicides for weed control on my land. But in 2014 I came across several statements of glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup) being found in the urine of humans. I grew up in modern day chemical farming. This news began to topple the way I thought of farming.
Traveling across the Midwest managing a custom harvesting crew, I noticed that often the soil of the fields appeared to be dead, compacted and almost water repellant. The experience of Donald Lewis and the works of Peter Proctor gave me a lot more insight on my assumptions to be true. Synthetic fertilizer sterilizes the ground, pesticides accumulate in the plants and end up inside of us. GMOs further reduce the already poor nutrients of plants. The soils are depleted of nutrients, because of lack of humus and therefore cannot hold water anymore, leading to ever increasing irrigation needs in agriculture.
Through Alan Savory and Peter Proctor I learned that cattle, sheep and goats are vital for soil health and keeping lands from turning into deserts. That’s probably why Abraham and Job had so much livestock. It was ordained by God, because it is necessary for the food cycle.

Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine follows the theory that illnesses are caused by outside germs, pathogens and viruses. If this was true, why is it that one sick kid only gets half of the class sick, while the other half remains well? Is it not rather that sickness sets in, because of a compromised immune system. I am coming to find out that drugs only overplay the symptoms but never fix the cause of the disease. Conventional cancer treatment has about a 2.5% success rate.
Unfortunately doctors and patients are trained to prescribe and use drugs for over 100 years now, because it is a multibillion dollar industry. The cost for this industry is forcefully deducted from our paychecks ahead of time and is called “health insurance”.


When one begins to look for healthy food “organic” and supplements come to mind right away. However not only are these expensive, they are not nearly as effective as hoped for. The USDA still allows hundreds of synthetic chemicals to be used in certified organic foods. Most supplements are useless, because the substances provided therein are often created in a lab and presented in a form that the body cannot use and often treats them as toxins further burdening an already weakened system.
I believe the best way to buy groceries is directly from the producer either at the farm or a farmers market and get to know the producer and his practices. It is not necessary that our groceries travel 1500 miles average before the get to the store. Tomatoes for example are harvested green to survive the transport and then sprayed with ethylene gas to ripen.
Commercially raised animals eat GMO and pesticide treated grain, which drastically alters the meat, milk and eggs. The healthiest animal based foods are from 100% grass fed cows, goats, sheep and chickens. Pork is not food according to its Creator and this is confirmed by good honest science.
Aborigines and tribes that still live in their ancient ways and with their traditional foods have no cancer, no diseases, no cavities, well developed jaws and teeth etc. When they are persuaded to eat the Western diet they quickly get all the Western diseases.


In 1900 3 out of 100 men were expected to develop cancer in their lives, today it is 40 in 100. Vaccines are increasingly found out to do little good but cause much harm plus often contain poisons like mercury. I am concluding that all of our illnesses are the result of the combination of bad farming practices, altered plant genes, processing plants beyond recognition and call it food. In addition we have a medical society, which in general never treats the cause of a disease and is most often educated by the pharmaceutical industry. Most doctors don’t even adhere to the oath of Hippocrates the ancient Greek founder of medicine, because they are in danger for loosing their license if they suggest alternate treatments for a patient.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and also the most neglected. Everything applied to the skin is absorbed into the body – just look at lotion against joint pain for example, which is deeply absorbed. The same applies to cosmetics, deodorants, soap, shampoo, cleaners, etc. We shouldn’t put on our skin what we would not eat. There is a whole movement now that uses no shampoo anymore, just water.




The Makers Diet, Beyond Organic, The Makers Diet Revolution by Jordan Rubin
God’s Original Diet by George Malcmus
Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel
Learned by the Fencepost by Donald E. Lewis
The Town that Food Saved by Ben Hewitt
A more excellent way by Henry Wright explains the spiritual roots of diseases
None of those Diseases by M.D. McMillen, David E. M.D. Stern confirms the biblical dietary instructions


Healing Cancer from the inside out – DVD, can be purchased at Amazon
The truth about cancer Episode 1
Peter Proctor: “One cow, one man, one planet”
How grass fed beef will save the world
Alan Savory: “How to green the worlds deserts”
Jordan Rubin’s cancer testimony
growing healthy veggies with little labor God’s way


Weston A. Price Foundation
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Biblical Health TV


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