grafted in

The apostle Shaul (Paul) spoke of a “grafting in” in Romans chapter 11. He spoke of Israel being the chosen nation of YHVH and that YHVH desires to graft others into the roots of faith, which HE created in Abraham and his seed. We commonly think that this grafting in of non Israelites began after most of the Jews rejected Yeshua HaMashiach about two-thousand years ago and Shaul became the messenger (apostle) to the “gentiles” or nations.

Just recently however I have discovered some facts which broadened my thinking.

Already in the Torah we find YHVH saying that there is only one law, one set of commandments and it is the same for the foreigner as for the native Israelite.

(Ex 12:49; Ex 20:10; Ex 23:12; Lev 16:29; Lev 17:8-15; Lev 18:26; Lev 19:34; Lev 20:2; Lev 22:18; Lev 24:16; Lev 24:22; Nu 9:14; Nu 15:14-15; Nu 15:26; Nu 15:29; Dt 16:14; Jos 8:33,35; 1 King 8:41-43; Isa 14:1; Isa 56:3-6;)

For many years I believed that in the days of Exodus at Mount Sinai there were only native born Israelites present. But then someone pointed out to me that a “mixed multitude” went with the Israelites form Egypt (Ex 12:38) – some six hundred thousand men not counting women and children (Ex 12:37).
I have believed that the Israelites stayed in Egypt for over 430 years and multiplied greatly. But than I found Shaul telling us in Gal 3:16-17 that from the giving of the promise to Abraham to the giving of the Torah was 430 years. If we do a little research in Genesis we find out that by the time Jacob moves to Egypt 215 years of the 430 had already passed, which leaves us with another 215 years for the Israelites to multiply. We know from Ge 46:27 that Jacobs family were 70 people in all.
The genealogy of Moses and Aaron in Exodus 6 reveals to us that Aaron’s grandfather was among the immigrants to Egypt and that Aaron had a grandson by the time of the Exodus, which figures to only four generations born in Egypt. That isn’t anywhere enough to make over 600,000 men not counting women and children.

So how did they get over 600,000 men in four generations?

Let’s look at a well known person by the name of Caleb. We are told in Nu 32:12 that Caleb was a Kenizzite. From Ge 15:19 we learn that the Kenizzites were among the tribes of Canaan, which makes Caleb a none Israelite as in not a descendant of Jacob. But in Nu 13:6 we find Caleb to be a leader of the tribe of Judah.

After finding all this I conclude that the mixed multitude was completely absorbed into the nation of Israel and counted as full Israelites.

The Torah has been given to all people, tongues, tribes and nations.

It is up to us to receive it or reject it.


To see more on the subject “grafting in” watch the following video. Nehemia Gordon will get to it in the second have of his teaching:

Open Door Series #9

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