At he House of Prayer fellowship does not follow a predetermined schedule or program. We desire to be lead by Ruach Hakadesch (Holy Spirit)

The main day of fellowship is the seventh day of the week, commonly referred to as Saturday and called Sabbath in the bible. Since God has determined, that the day begins at sunset (Genesis chapter 1), we start the Sabbath on Friday evening at sunset. Frequently we tune in to the IHOPKC worship via webstream.

On Saturday morning people start coming at 10 am. Usually we begin with a Midrash (discussion of Scripture). Everybody is encouraged to bring a Scripture or a song or a word (1 Corinthians 14:26).
Eventually we move into prayer and worship. Frequently we join the service of Ascension Ministries, which begins at 11 am.
After the service we have lunch. Everything has to be prepared on the previous day so that there is no work done on the Sabbath, according to the commandment of YHWH.

Later in the afternoon is more time for discussions, prayer and worship as needed. We love to pray over each other for healing and encouragement as Yeshua commanded in Mark 16:18 etc.

Around 5 pm we often join the service of Passion for Truth via webstream.

You don’t have to be here all day. Come when you can on Friday evening or Saturday and stay as long as you wish. Contributions to the meal are appreciated.