Excel by connecting the past with the future

A great heresy circling among the church today is the believe, that we are done with the Old Testament and that the Old Testament is not relevant anymore today.
The consequences of this heresy are devastating. Most notable is that in general there is hardly any difference between “believers” and “unbelievers”. The divorce rate for example is just as high if not higher within the church than it is among atheists, pagans, heathen, unbelievers.
Who in there right mind wants to be part of the “church” club, if things are not any better there?         There are endless other entertainment facilities instead to choose from.
The New Testament can not be understood without the Old. Especially the book of Revelation will remain a total mystery to those who do not acquire a deep knowledge of the Torah. Yeshua made it very clear, when HE said “I did not come to abolish (destroy) the Torah” Mt 5:17. “Not the least pens stroke will by any means disappear from the Torah until everything is accomplished”.
The terminology of Old Testament and New Testament is misleading and a choice of the translators. The original Hebrew word, which was translated into Testament actually means covenant. New Testament in Hebrew is Brit Hadasha, which means covenant renewed.
YHWH only made one covenant with mankind. HE first gave it to Adam, renewed it with Noah (sign of the rainbow), renewed it with Abraham (circumcision), Isaac and Jacob. HE renewed it with Moses (giving of Torah) and David, the first king of the tribe of Judah as prophesied by Jacob in Ge 49. At last YHWH renewed HIS covenant through the blood of Y’shua, the perfect sacrifice, who perfectly fulfilled the Torah as an example to us.