Lately (2015) I have been studying a lot on health, food and farming. I might add a new page on this subject.


I have began to post revelations received and some of my thoughts on the blog page of this site.


I keep hearing more and more people reporting dreams and words of knowledge about civil war in the USA and economic upheaval. December 13 Norm Franz spoke of a dream with civil war scenes and bullets flying. John Paul Jackson has been prophesying such things for years. Rick Joyner told of a dream from September 28 this year in which he saw ISIS invading America and the collapse of the federal government. Mike Bickle had an open vision already many years ago in which he saw tanks on the streets of America in a civil war setting. Mike reported his vision on the Onething conference 2008. Brian Thompson published his revelations in November and December 2014 naming many others. Jonathan Cahn has long been speaking of judgement coming to America in 2015.
But as always, check out the sources in view of Scripture and come to your own conclusion.

The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

I have read the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, a translation by George Howard. It is very interesting to see the differences to the translation from the Greek as we know it. There are a number of significant differences.

for example:
Jesus did not built his church on the rock Peter. He is building his House of Prayer on THE Rock, which is Yeshua Himself. Even the Greek uses a different word for the rock Peter versus The Rock on which Yeshua builds.

Home of the Brave

As we were reading Jeremiah 50 in our Hebraic Roots Bible, I read in verse 44 “Behold, he shall come up out of the thickets of the Jordan against the home of the brave. This caught my attention, as we all know to whom this phrase “home of the brave” usually refers to. I checked with Strongs dictionary and concluded that this is indeed a very legitimate translation of the Hebrew.
Chapter 50 also speaks of the “daughter of Babylon”. So I was wondering what or who this is. We have an idea what Babylon is. It is a location but it is also a world system as we can gather from the prophets and Revelation. But who is the daughter of Babylon? In general a daughter is a propagation or reproduction of the parent. Comparing I came to the conclusion that the US is in many ways a propagation of Babylon as a world system.
With that said, I am finally sure to have found the USA in the Scriptures.

Yom Kippur 2014

As I have been thinking about the meaning of Yom Kippur this year, I first searched for the various translations of Kippur and found that it means atonement and purging. From Noah Webster I learned that atonement is not only making aments from the point of the offender but can also be satisfying the offense by means of vengeance from the offended.

Yeshua made atonement for our transgressions on Passover and fulfilled the spring feasts. We expect Him to fulfill the fall feasts in His second coming. So what is atonement doing there since the price for our sin is paid already? Why is Yom Kippur a day of affliction if being forgiven is a rather joyful event?

Let me submit to you that Yeshua is coming to purge the earth from evil on His second advent and take vengeance on his foes. The sad part is that all those people He is going to purge from the earth had the chance to accept His forgiveness.

Grafted in

Please check the teaching tab for this new revelation I have received in July 2014. The Israelites and Gentiles are not nearly as separated from each other as we commonly think. The bible has some remarkable details telling a rather different story on our creator’s view point.

Shavuot 2014

YHVH shouted the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai for everyone to hear. Since there was a huge mixed multitude (even famous Caleb was a descendant of the Canaanites) we suggest that everyone heard the Ten Commandments in his native language. Afterwards the people requested from Moses “Do not let YHVH speak to us anymore lest we die”. We suggest that YHVH desired to pour out His Spirit at Mount Sinai as He later did in the upper room. However because the people were not willing to die to themselves they were not able to receive His Spirit an shortly after that 3000 physically died while in the days of Peter 3000 were saved.

Power of a Parents blessing

I would call this new book by Craig Hill the ultimate book on parenting. The ancient paths of Yehovah reveal a much less stressful and far more effective way of instilling the ways of our Creator into our children.

Lost in Translation by John Klein and Adam Spears

is a new book series I am reading. I have finished volume 1 and would say it is one of those “must read” books if you are into the Hebrew roots. It speaks about the four different and progressive covenants of YHVH and the devils counterfeit. It explains the difference between devils and demons and teaches on nephilim. It explains how the four covenants tie into the betrothal and the difference between Ketubah and Chuppah, the four cups of wine and more.

Do you know the name of your god?

The Greeks call their god Zeus, the Moslems call their god Allah, the Romans called their god Jupiter and so on. What do Christians call their god? What is HIS name?
Nehemia Gordon has done some extensive research on HIS name and the power therein in his latest book “Shattering the conspiracy of silence”. YHWH has specifically commanded HIS priests to put HIS name on HIS people and bless the people in this unique way. But how will the priest ever put HIS name on HIS people, if he does not know HIS name?

Do you want to know how to prepare for the coming crisis?

Norm Franz has been teaching a series on Money and Wealth in the new Millennium. It is available on youtube.
You can tune in at:   ascensionministries.net    every Saturday on 11am CST for live weekly shabbat services.

Do you know the book “The Harbinger”?

It is an ancient prophecy given to Israel in Isaiah 9:10 before Israel was conquered by Assyria. Now this prophecy is being repeated in America with astonishing accuracy and detail.
The fulfillment of the prophecy in the time around the 9/11 attack is also documented on the DVD set called “Isaiah 9:10”.

October 2012.

Another Ancient Path seminar took place with the participants receiving much freedom and more knowledge to overcome.

September 2012

Blaine Flack reported to us from his trip to Israel in March. He witnessed the astonishing agricultural production of this tiny country with so limited water resources and extremely rough terrain.
He reported how Jews have been hurt over millennia by false Christianity. A better way might be to practice Isaiah 61:5.

August 2012

We just completed the Ancient Path Seminar from FFI. It goes much further than conventional “freedom ministry”.

Friday June 22nd:

Pastor Brendt Wills was teaching on how to conduct a Shabbat evening service in the family.

The second part of his teaching evolved around “the ancient paths”, a teaching on blessings from the parents to children, how this has been totally neglected in our days and therefore turned into curses. Pastor Brendt then lead us into a session of healing by the Holy Spirit.

The Ancient Paths is also a small book written by Craig Hill. It is an essential for God fearing parenting.

in the past:

It was a great meeting on 4-20 with wonderful worship and prophetic declarations:

“I declare the Masonic Spirit on which Garden City was built to be broken and all all masonic structures in the physical and the spiritual realm to be tore down.
I declare that God’s people who call themselves Christians will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and seek HIS face, that God will heal our land and restore our river. I declare, that our river will carry enough water for Colorado and Kansas.”

We have learned about the redemptive gifts of individuals – a teaching by Arthur Burk.

It was a great meeting with Sandy and DeeAnn on February 24 and 25. It is very important to learn the Hebrew versus the Greek mindset. A number of other bible teachers speak on this subject as well – like Chuck Missler and Peter Wagner. We also heard about redeeming the land – our own private property as well as on a regional, state and national level.